10 Essential Summer Self-Care Tips

Hibernation is officially over! ‘Tis the season for fresh air, long days and longer nights. The hot temps and hot social calendars of summer can leave you feeling majorly burnt (out). Here are 10 tips for effective self-care so you can hit your perfect stride.

  1. Mindful mornings

Try waking up 15-30 minutes earlier than you normally would. Commit to trying it for a week (and see if it sticks). Make a glass of tea or coffee and really savor it. Take the extra time for meditation, read something nourishing, take a short walk, or write in your journal. Your body and mind will thank you.

  1. Embrace your texture

Summer is a fantastic time to ditch your daily blowout. Let the natural curls and waves come out. It’s a great time to fall back in love with your natural hair. Pick up a bottle of sea salt spray or finish your shower off with an oil treatment.

  1. Hit the market

Check out the local farmers markets in your city for fresh fruits and vegetables! Many cities have daily markets and mid-week pop-ups. Get to know your local growers and learn where your food comes from. Have questions? Ask the farmer! Maybe they have an awesome recipe for the purple carrots you just bought.

  1. Are you an over-committer? Stop that!

Summer goes by in a blink. Don’t spend it going to BBQ’s that you know you won’t enjoy, or attending HH or brunch when you would rather go for a run. Focus on what YOU want to get out of the summer. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ and make your goals a priority.  Summer goes by SO FAST. Use every moment how YOU want and don’t get burned out by over-committing.

  1. Rinse. Wash. Moisturize.

Slathering on sunscreen and makeup will leave your pores completely clogged. Take the time to get a good morning facial cleanse (think oil cleansing with a hot face cloth) and make sure to wash all your makeup off at night. If you get home from work and have the evening to yourself, wash your face right away when you get home and let your skin breathe for those extra 4-5 hours before bed. Make sure you exfoliate!

  1. Fill your Cup

It’s ideal to shoot for 64 oz. of water per day- but more during summer, especially if you’re exercising.  A good rule is to drink enough water so you’re never thirsty. Try brewing a large pitcher of green tea and let it infuse with raspberries, ginger and mint overnight. You can do the same with water pitchers and slices of fruit and herbs.

  1. Get Grounded

Literally. Take your shoes off and spend some quality time with MAMA N. Take a walk through the grass, weed your garden, or lay by the beach to restore your connection with the earth and its beauty. It can be quick, but make sure to soak up the natural summer goodness.

  1. No Phones in bed

This is really a year-round self-care tip. Set your alarm, check your emails, and finish off texts before you get into bed. Reserve your bed for your most intimate, personal time where you can fully relax and commit to getting a good night of sleep. Blue light from cellphones, tablets and readers can keep you awake at night. Get the most of your bed-time and ditch the phone.

  1. Embrace your imperfections

Why? Because your imperfections are what make your perfect. Don’t try to change them. Learn from them, love them, or laugh at them, but whatever you do: embrace them.

  1. Love yourself.

Your most important relationship is with yourself. You are perfect, you are enough, you deserve love.

Do you have a tip to add? I am sure there are many more that could have made the list! Leave a comment below!


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